Friendship Week 2022

Written by Nicola McCarthy

11 October 2022

Our Friendship Promotion Week was held from Monday 3rd October with the theme ‘REACH OUT’. 

This is our major whole school anti-bullying strategy where together we promote the importance of kindness towards others, foster resilience in our pupils to help them make better decisions and choices themselves, and encourage them to be responsible for their actions and words.

We also reinforce the importance of responding to bullying by following the Stay Safe Rules

 –    SAY NO, GET AWAY, TELL.                  

Videos and webinars were watched in school alongside arts and crafts, drama, music and circle time delivering our very important anti-bullying message.

Children who actively promoted kindness and friendship by showing kindness towards others and being a great friend were rewarded throughout the week with certificates and praise. The photos included are only a snapshot of some of our fantastic boys and girls.