Back to School Advice

Written by Nicola McCarthy

28 August 2020

Please find below a link to Back to School Advice for parents from the Department of Education:

Specific advice for infants – 2nd class and 3rd – 6th class can also be found at this link:

Medical advice for all pupils/families – including when to keep your child at home and when it’s ok to send your child to school:

Advice for parents of very high risk pupils:

On the Department website scroll to the bottom – it is the last PDF

The advice for very high risk pupils applies to pupils in the very high risk category only, all other pupils are expected, by the Department, to return to school.

Page 5 of the document states that:


In order to support connectedness with the school and their child’s peers, and to ensure that their child is not unduly disadvantaged by being at very high risk to COVID-19, parents are requested to obtain medical certification as early as possible that states specifically that their child is assessed as being at very high risk to COVID-19 and must remain at home and cannot return to school. This information should be furnished to the school. Parents and teachers should work together to establish the expectations related to the level of support that is necessary from parents/guardians and the supports the school will put in place to support parents in this role and to facilitate continued learning for these pupils. Regular review meetings / check-ins with parents will be essential to establish how the pupils are experiencing remote provision.

Please check if your child’s medical needs are in the very high risk category:

NEPs advice on how to help calm and support your child, managing stress and anxiety, and managing thoughts and feelings:

Department of Education – Your Questions answered about returning to school: