Gates and paths

Written by Nicola McCarthy

31 August 2020

Dear parents/guardians,

We cannot wait to see all the smiling faces in the morning! The school is fully ready. Bed early tonight! 

Kind regards,

Nicola McCarthy

Our school yard is now a child only yard. There is also strictly no access to the school building. Please call the office on 074-9156308 if you need to deliver a message or to speak to a member of staff, do not send in a note.
Front gate -access for pupils from junior infants to 4th classes. Pupils follow their coloured line. 3rd class follow the white lines, 2nd class follow the yellow line through the snake and 1st class follow the red line. 
Senior infants follow the S, Junior infants follow the J and 4th class follow the 4.
5th and 6th class walk in the astro gate, around the astro pitch and across to their rooms.