Copies, Pencil cases and Pritt Stick

Written by Nicola McCarthy

2 September 2020

Items your child needs at school

Pencil cases, lunch bags and copies

  • In so  far as possible, it is requested that children from junior infants to 6th class will have 2 pencil cases.   One to remain at home – for homework when it begins, and a second pencil case which remains in school.  
  • Each child should bring a normal sized pencil case with them to school with their own pencils, pens,ruler, colours, rubbers, sharpener and Pritt Sitck. Please do not purchase large colour sets in boxes. Twistables are advisable. No items will be shared.
  • Pupils  in 5th and 6th classes will need a geometry set,  which will remain in school.


  • Pupils from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th  classes will need to bring 6  writing copies and 4 maths copies (C5) to school. 
  • Copies  for all other classes junior infants – 1st classes will be supplied.
  • To prevent  sharing of equipment children in all classes will have their own personal  storage box on their table.

Lunch bag/schoolbag 

  • For now children will only need a small lunch bag to bring lunch to school daily as there will be no homework across the school for the month of September.     Children can of course bring their schoolbag, we recommend re-using last years.