Cycling Workshop For 3rd Class

Written by Nicola McCarthy

2 September 2020

Cycle Safety Training Course

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Our school is staging a course in cycling safety training run by Fergus & Gemma McDaid.

The course is aligned to CYCLE RIGHT, the National Standard for Cycle Safety Training in Ireland, and is delivered by qualified trainers from the national register.

The training will prove invaluable to everyone. For those who already cycle to school, the benefits are obvious, but training is just as important for children who cycle only at home and during the holidays. In fact,everyone who will ever get on a bike needs to learn the safety skills required to assess situations on the road and to how to react to them.

Also, by teaching children to cycle safely, and by encouraging them to cycle in the course of their daily lives, we are putting in place the habit of exercise – at a time when lack of exercise in our youngsters is a growing cause for concern.

The course will consist of 4 x 1 ½  sessions with the pupils. Topics covered will include: safe equipment; rules of the road; starting and stopping; road positioning; shoulder checking; turning left and right; overtaking and traffic manoeuvres, and, where appropriate to the group, on-road training.  

The emphasis of the course is on safety through control of the bike and awareness of surroundings. It will be very beneficial to trainees to have the opportunity to practice between sessions as this will more quickly develop the core bike handling skills needed for cycling on the road.

At the end of the course, each child will receive a digital certificate of participation. 


·       Operating to social distancing guidelines in all sessions

·       Delivering training in an outdoor setting in so far as possible 

·       Sanitising shared use equipment between use

To this end we very much appreciate your co-operation and support in ensuring that your child brings their OWN HELMET and WEATHER-PROOF JACKET to school each cycling day.

Visit to find a range of resources and films to support you in cycling with your child when CYCLE RIGHT training is completed  


We are offering these classes to 3rd class and lessons will begin on Monday 7th of September.

Fergus and Gemma have a fleet of 30 bikes, helmets and high-vis jackets in order to deliver the training. Children are also encouraged to bring their own bikes & helmets if possible, but they have enough bikes & helmets to deliver the training either way. These will all be sanitized before use. Where children do bring their own bikes these should be in full working order.       

If you have any queries/concerns regarding these classes, please call the school office on 074 – 9156308.